Smart Move #1: The Engagement Shoot

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After the engagement, many couples decide that they'd like to have their photographs professionally taken before they're officially wed.

What most couples do: Choose an established photographer who either has a complimentary engagement session included in a wedding package or charges anything upwards of $200+ for a session a la carte. Once they choose the photographer, they proceed to take formal photos in traditional poses that don't do justice illustrating their personalities that made them fall in love with each other to begin with.

Our smart move: We chose to ask friends and family for referrals, and we were on the lookout for a talented photographer who was still building his/her portfolio. We felt it would be a symbiotic relationship, of which the photographer would get a fun couple to photograph and we would get a discounted rate than going with the more well-known photographers.

We ended up working with Marissa G who went to Mayfair High School and cheered on our nationally-ranked cheer team with me! The beautiful +Marissa's work was more than we could have imagined, and she was such a joy to work with. She wasn't in your face, and it actually felt as though +Rumen and I were just on a playful date the whole time. She encouraged us to use props and to show our personalities, and we did just that! As a matter of fact, our shoot took place at Balboa Pier in Newport Beach, CA where we first met each other. We wanted to go for a vintage beach scene to set the tone for our rustic vintage wedding. Enjoy!




My ring is a vintage rose cut prasiolite (rare form of amethyst colored seaform, mint green). I chose it because I wanted to wear something unique, to support an independent jeweler rather than a big name corporation, and to be sure I wasn't wearing a conflict diamond. Since I'm a lover of all things vintage with an amethyst birthstone (February baby) and the name Emma-"Rose", the prasiolite rose cut was fitting for many reasons.


In order to make the vintage looking records, we took 99-cent records and painted them using chalkboard paint. After which, we used chalk to write on the records. We liked the idea of using the records to tell our family and friends to Save the Date and to tell the story of where we met!




Random fact: Our first official date was at the OC Fair where Rumen found out I have a love for ferris wheels! Hence, taking the ferris wheel pictures brought us back to the moment we enjoyed the ride of a ferris wheel for the first time. +Marissa was such a sport because she had a mild fear of heights!